Knowledge Exchange has been recently launched by Steve Clarke, who has over 30 years of experience working internationally, managing medium sized organisations.

Stephen Clarke
Steve Clarke

Steve’s career started in Zambia as a VSO teacher and has taken him to 20 countries in Africa and Asia confronting him with a huge variety of cultural social and political situations.
Commenting on his first work experience in Africa Steve notes:
“I had had a very good education and yet I had no idea that people were so poor. I kept asking ‘why is nobody doing anything about it’? I still have the same question 40 years on”.
That experience led Steve into working with refugees in some of the world’s hottest spots including the Thai/Cambodian border, the Eritrean/Sudanese border, rural Mozmbique, Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania all following the quest for a fairer world.
At the start of the millenium, Steve was the founding Director of Education Saves Lives which today publishes digital lessons on health and life-skills in over 65 languages.
In recent years Steve has been offering some of the lessons he has learnt around the world to leaders of business in other countries such as the UK, Nigeria, Malaysia and France through training coaching and mentoring.
Direct face to face training clients include the office of the Lagos State Governor, the Nigerian Airline Afrijet, the airport handling company NAHCO, The Federal Land Development Authority in Malaysia, Limkokwing University in London, Traidcraft plc and dozens of others.
Steve and his wife Sarah have been living in rural France for the last seven years.
In 2019 Steve hosted a climate symposium entitled “Change Our Future”.

Steve is renowned and respected for encouraging people out of their comfort zones and leading them to a greater and improved quality of working and personal life.
He describes his life so far as “an implausible sequence of happy accidents peppered with absurdity” and he is ready to share some of his experiences with a wider audience as well as to learn from you how he can do better in the future.

Steve envisages the Knowledge Exchange as growing into a many-tentacled “octopus”, linking and connecting people of similar and different outlooks so they can learn from each other.
If you are interested in collaborating on this project, please contact Steve.

Our Team

Rachel Foster
Rachel Foster
Rachel graduated in modern languages from Nottingham University in 2019 and is pursuing an international career.
She is actively involved in climate action and has been a Covid volunteer at her local community centre in Church Stretton during the lockdowns. Rachel has been involved with Stephen Clarke Training since its launch in 2018 and will animate future sessions as and when she is available.
Chris Crowstaff
Chris Crowstaff
Chris helps with the website content and social media for Knowledge Exchange.
In 2008, Chris founded an NGO which provided an online platform for under-represented grassroots women’s groups in developing countries. In 2009, Chris and Andrew spent time in Uganda, which further inspired and informed their work. In 2013, Chris received a Katerva Award for Gender Equality at the United Nations in Geneva.
Chris and Andrew subsequently became carers for elderly parents with dementia.
Nowadays Chris adds content to websites, created by Andrew, and runs social media accounts for clients (also pro-bono for charities and grassroots groups). Chris has a varied past including living off-grid in Ireland for five years – where her son was born in a caravan by candlelight, homeschooling, studying a Tara Rokpa therapy course and working as a gardener (not all at the same time!). She has recently resurrected a past role as an artist.
Clive Dove-Dixon
Clive Dove-Dixon
Clive Dove-Dixon has decades of experience in working with people, making life changes, and helping others.
He has worked both independently and as part of organisations and charities.
He was formerly Commercial Director at Warwick University, is currently a Director of Care and Health Solutions.
And the CEO of The Helen Taylor Thomson Foundation (formerly CAN).
Chris Hutchison
Chris Hutchison
Chris came through retail management with Marks and Spencer to start a number of businesses and help others to do the same.
Marketing, Life Coaching, laced with an entrepreneurial spirit and creative forward thinking make for a four-decade interesting brew.
Gavin Cologne-Brookes
Gavin Cologne-Brookes
Gavin is Emeritus Professor at Bath Spa University. Involved in higher education for thirty years, he has given talks across Europe and the Americas, and in India and Africa, where he and his wife, Nicki, a Mathematics teacher at the International School of Paris, spent time at The Crane Academy in Kenya. His approach to teaching, writing and public speaking has always been holistic, interdisciplinary and internationalist.
Also a painter, his portraits feature on the covers of his recent books on William Styron and Bruce Springsteen, in a French publication on Joyce Carol Oates, and on the covers of books by other authors.
Andrew Sampson
Andrew Sampson
Andrew worked with Chris (Crowstaff!) developing the website for their NGO and also pro-bono for grassroots partners. He is now theoretically semi-retired but busy designing and managing websites for clients.
Andrew has a background in publishing. He has also travelled widely – but that would make a whole book!