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If you are interested in PEOPLE then you are not here by accident!
A community is not a place, a building, or an organisation; nor is it just an exchange of information over the Internet. It should be – and can be far more than that.
A real community involves feelings and relationships with other people – it creates a sense of security and confidence and provides help when help is needed. Whatever communities you are part of you will find opportunities here to strengthen them and, who knows, maybe find others to join.

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We are social animals and generally speaking research shows that the more social connections we have the more satisfied and less anxious we feel.

Belonging to a group helps us know we have others to support us through tough times – it means we have shared interests with others and gives us a chance to swap our experiences and outlook for the benefit of all.

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Now more than ever we need things to make us smile so join one of our humour sessions and have a laugh as well as meet new people.

There are Sit-down Comedy Nights (the Zoom equivalent of Stand-up) – featuring a performance by a newcomer to the comedy circuit and evenings of Humourous story telling where you can join a group of people online and tell your amusing anecdote – or just listen to theirs.

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Human beings are complex and made up of many different parts – each important in itself.

These events are to help you live a healthier more fulfilled life.  

Have you been recently bereaved – or are you worried about the end of your own life?

Sounds weird but that is because we just don’t talk enough about death normally, and when we have to, we are usually very ill equipped to do so.
Facing and talking about death can free us to live the rest of our lives in joy and peace.
There is no set agenda – we gather to share our humanity and hopefully a few laughs as well!

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