Christmas StoryTelling December 2020

Learning through Storytelling

There is nothing like a story to help us learn useful lessons whilst being entertained at the same time.

A couple of thousand years ago good old Aesop practically made a career out of it – who has not been impressed by the tale of the tortoise wining a race against a hare?

In 2021 we will be organising a series of story telling sessions followed by discussion – some targeted at business but others with much wider appeal.

Christmas Storytelling

Tuesday 22nd December – 8pm GMT – via Zoom.

To kick it all off why not join us for a zoom Christmas Storytelling session where you and others can recount things that have happened to you or someone you know at Christmas?
It promises to be a heart-warming event at a time when most of our hearts need warming!
Sorry! This event is now full!

Join us for an exchange of stories from Christmas past – and both hear other people’s experiences as well as have the chance to tell your own by bringing your own story.
Don’t worry if you just want to come along and listen, but if you have got a short story from one of your previous Christmases then bring it along. It could be something interesting, unusual, poignant, humorous or just a happy memory that will help lead up to Christmas.

Register Now – it’s Free!

This is going to be a year without parties so come along and meet some new people – or maybe see someone you already know.
In any case register now if you are interested as this initial session is limited to 20 participants.