Effective Leadership

In business people are everything!

Equipping yourself and your people for today’s rapidly changing world will be crucial to your success in the future.
The world is changing, people are looking for different things in their leaders so you and your leadership team need to be ready to do things differently.

Business Advice

No matter how good you are at your job, sometimes it is useful to have someone come in from outside and just take a look at how you are doing things. That is where we might be able to help. Specialising in workplace relationships and how these can be developed to improve productivity and job satisfaction, we can help reveal some of the underlying constraints that prevent you from being the very best you can be.


We offer a variety of open and bespoke training courses mostly concerned with helping you and your staff to shine. Knowing yourselves better can lead to greater confidence in managing your emotions and work place relationships. Creativity and innovation are needed now more than ever before and we can all develop these capabilities. We also offer employability skills workshops to help jobseekers perform better in interviews and develop the skills necessary for the new economies.


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Leadership can be exciting and fulfilling but it can also be very lonely. There are rarely people within your own company with whom you can honestly share your fears and doubts as well as you hopes and aspirations. Bouncing ideas off one of your colleagues can be destabilising for them as well as the whole organisation, which is where a confidential “critical friend” can help. We don’t necessarily provide the answers but can support you in creating solutions to your own particular challenges.

Why should I choose Stephen Clarke Training?

All our trainers apply the theories of leadership to your own situation using their personal experience of leading teams in other parts of the world.
We offer a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.
The courses are either in English or French – please be sure you are clear which language is being used before reserving your place.