To mark his 60th birthday, Steve invites you to join his first ‘Change Our Future’ symposium.

The symposium is primarily for fellow baby boomers who agree that, although between us we have achieved some stunning improvements on our planet, we will leave it in rather worse condition than we found it.
The aim of the day will be to come up with at least one scaleable action that our generation can take to help change that.

Crucially the discussions and debates will be informed by young people who have the energy, imagination and incentive to drive and implement change but who do not necessarily have the resources.

The day will be challenging with threads of humour and poignancy and will end with a pizza party and dancing to music from the 1960’s and 70’s.
Participants will be invited to bring food to share at lunchtime.
Please sign up now if you would like to come.


Christmas Storytelling December 2020

Christmas Storytelling

Tuesday 22nd December – 8pm GMT – via Zoom.

Join us for an exchange of stories from Christmas past – and both hear other people’s experiences as well as have the chance to tell your own by bringing your own story.
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or Phone Steve: 07 69 72 83 04