We offer a variety of open and bespoke seminars and workshops mostly concerned with helping you and your staff to shine.
Knowing yourselves better can lead to greater confidence in managing your emotions and work place relationships.
Creativity and innovation are needed now more than ever before and we can all develop these capabilities.
We also offer employability skills workshops to help jobseekers perform better in interviews and develop the skills necessary for the new economies.
The format follows the idea of exchanging knowledge – capitalising on the experiences of the participants in the group.
They are very definitely not for people who want to passively listen!

Seminars and workshops

In business people are everything. Even as technology races ahead, the people working in your business need to be nurtured and cherished more than ever before. A group of people don’t necessarily work well together naturally – teams need to be cultivated and have the organisational culture embedded in their way of thinking.


Leadership can be exciting and fulfilling but it can also be very lonely. There are rarely people within your own company with whom you can honestly share your fears and doubts as well as you hopes and aspirations. Bouncing ideas off one of your colleagues can be destabilising for them as well as the whole organisation, which is where a confidential “critical friend” can help. We don’t necessarily provide the answers but can support you in creating solutions to your own particular challenges.


A confidential open discussion on an equal level around a topical theme. These are usually free to attend.
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